Compassionate Pastor Can Become A Friend In Good Times And Resource When In Need

pastor rick vanwagner

How well do you really know your pastor? Sure, you hear them speak at least once a week and you always take their advice to heart but is that enough to truly form a bond? For members of Family Christian Center (FCC), getting to know Pastor Rick VanWagner is easy to do. Since FCC was first incorporated as a church in late 1993, through the rest of the 1990s and the 2000s, church leadership have been readily accessible for more than two decades. That’s not a requirement, but a choice, says Pastor Rick VanWagner, FCC’s founder who has held the position for more than 23 years.


While he’s always pleased to see the positive effects that FCC has had on the lives of those who’ve come to the Clermont, Florida-based church, even Pastor  Rick VanWagner has benefitted from its existence. That’s because the formation of the church would eventually put him in the position to become the founder of Family Christian Center Preschool in August 2014. The school system offers a safe and fun place for those up to the age of 5 to grow with God. Parents should feel comfortable knowing that this facility founded by Pastor Rick VanWagner is licensed with the Florida Department of Children and Families and is also a member of the Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS). The founding of Family Christian Center School (FCCS) in August 2010 was a natural progression from the launch of the preschool program. FCCS offers education at every grade level, from kindergarten through 12th grade and helps students grow their faith, character, achievements and purpose. The school, which is overseen by Pastor Rick VanWagner as its founder, is also fully-accredited through FLOCS and offers college prep courses.


Beyond, FCC and its educational arm, VanWagner took to local government as another way of helping his fellow man. From November 2010 through January 2015, he served two consecutive terms as a Clermont, Florida city councilman. Given that Clermont has an approximate population of 30,000, that’s a lot of constituents but VanWagner’s two terms show that he was trusted with his role. Getting to know your pastor may take little more than a one-on-one conversation, but it’s something that we highly encourage. The net result is gaining a friend in good times and resource during the not-so-good times. As you can see, Pastor Rick VanWagner has made himself a friend of all who resident in the Clermont area and beyond.